Temperance, MI, Nearby Near Toledo is a Museum Trove

Visiting the museum allows you to open your eyes and have a new appreciation for places near your hometown. Similarly, you get to learn about the local heroes and help bring change to your community.

If you are interested in achieving any of these things, you should visit the following museums in Toledo, OH.

Toledo Museum of Art

The Toledo Museum of Art was founded by Edward Drummond to provide easy access to art to everyone. This is why the museum has a free admission policy. The Toledo Museum hosts art from all over the world and every time period. You can find paintings by Renoir and sculptures by Alexander Calder at this museum.  Learn more about Temperance, MI, is Chock-Full of Parks.

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There is also a vast glass collection you can find at this museum. You should consider visiting the museum when they have special exhibitions because they are worth seeing. 

Toledo Firefighters Museum 

Founded in 1976, the Toledo Firefighters Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the Fire Division and educating its citizens about fire prevention and safety. There are extensive displays at the museum, including many large pieces of early firefighting equipment. Children can also visit the museum as they can role-play situations they might come in contact with in their homes, like how to plan escape routes and test smoke detectors.

Friends of the Family Health Care is proud to have family-oriented museums available for our local community!