Meal Preparation and Diet Monitoring

Meal preparation and diet monitoring are very important to the health and well-being of the human body.

Meal Preparation: Dinner is served! As well as lunch and breakfast!  We strive to make sure there is something prepared for meal time.

Make a list and we’ll do the grocery shopping or assist them while they shop.  

Do they have a favorite restaurant? We deliver!

Diet Monitoring: Whether it’s less salt, no sugar, gluten-free or an allergy, we can provide a custom meal plan that fits the needs of your loved one.

Make sure they maintain a healthy weight by having us check it on a daily basis.

Hydration is key to a long and healthy life. We can ensure they have the fluids they need.

“We hired Friends of the Family for my father-in-law for two weeks, and they did a good job. They came in, checked his mail, and did some house cleaning. The caregivers were compassionate and did a good job. He gave them good marks. The management did a good job and were committed to it. Everything was met according to the schedule they set up.”



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