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Elderly Companion Care

What Is Elderly Companion Care?

When you are talking about Companion Care vs Personal Care in the world of Family Home Health Care, this is usually a less intensive, non-medical type of service that is often considered personal care services.

Senior Companionship

Elderly companion care focuses on activities that primarily provide support through regular companionship if only for a few hours. But home care services often include daily living activities for an elderly loved one in their own home.

These services provided by a companion caregiver can have a strong, positive impact.  This can add to the value of in-home companion care by providing a way to offer a resource that is primarily emotional support.

Senior Companion Care Services

Companion care includes activities such as:

  • driving to doctor’s appointments
  • run errands
  • light housekeeping duties
  • meal preparation
  • going grocery shopping
  • Medication reminders
  • Helping with washing dishes
  • Laundry services and other household tasks

Companionship For Seniors

One of the most underrated services we provide is simple companionship for seniors, whether that is playing cards, going on walks or simply providing a warm smile and conversation as a senior companion. Each of these can make all the difference for emotional support.

Senior Care can be a great way to alleviate loneliness and provide social support for seniors with something as simple as companionship and conversation.

As seniors grow older, friends can begin to pass away. And even more devastating can be the passing of a spouse. Family members are no longer in the home and sometimes do not live nearby. Taking a couple of hours off work to run a parent to a doctor’s appointment for their own health can sometimes be crucial to their job.

Elder Care And Family

Many seniors and older adults insist they don’t want to be a burden, but the fact is, oftentimes a senior may need someone…and not just for assistance with daily chores and activities but recreational activities, too. You realize how much you miss just having somebody else near.

Just having someone with a listening ear to talk to, someone to enjoy a meal with, someone to laugh with or watch TV with, all of these things can mean a world of difference to those who live alone.

Elderly Care Services

Many seniors will seek solace in a pet, which is why Friends of the Family also offers pet care. Having a furry friend to talk to and give attention to can be good therapy. 

What Are The Benefits of Companion Care Services

There are many benefits of having a senior companion care provider for the elderly. Perhaps the most important benefit for older adults is the companionship that they can provide. This can be extremely valuable for seniors who live alone and may not have many opportunities to socialize.

Everyday Activities

In addition, companion care providers can also offer transportation services, help with household tasks, and provide assistance with medications, light housekeeping, meal prep, assistance with grocery shopping and other home care as well as personal care needs. Having a elderly companion care provider can help seniors remain independent and improve their quality of life.

Agingcare.com stated, “For elderly pet owners, who often live alone or in group facilities, pets can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction and physical activity and help them learn.”

Companion Care Services

Many times the anticipation of a scheduled day with a regular visit from a caregiver can provide comfort to a senior in need of elderly companionship care. These regular visits give something for them to look forward to and plan for to lift with spirits and improve their well-being.

What Others Have To Say About Our Elderly Companion Care For Seniors

Caring.com Review of FRIENDS OF THE FAMILY HOME HEALTH CARE, a local area agency

“The caregiver is wonderful. She and my mother absolutely love each other. The caregiver basically looks at my Mom like she was her own mother while my mom loves her like a daughter and it’s really nice. I cannot say anything bad about this company. The caregiver and my mom get along great and it’s wonderful that they have bonded very well.”- Robert17

Learn More About Our Senior Companion Care For Your Loved One

 Friends of the Family Home Health Care is a company that wants to be a blessing in the lives of senior adults and their families. We do this by helping seniors live in their own homes longer, with safety and a better quality of life.

Elderly companion care is one of the services that we provide that can provide that assistance. But above all else, Friends of the Family would like to be just that: “a friend of the family” for your loved one!   


Elder Companion Care being provided by a caregiver.

“If you must have in-home health care for an elderly or ailing loved one, Friends of the Family is the company to call. From April through June of 2014, and again in December through February of 2015, Friends of the family was working 24/7 with my dad. Their Caring attitude was impressive.

They were willing to do anything to help with dad’s care. It seemed they didn’t want to be idle, but wanted to help keep busy and to keep up with the necessary tasks. They did many things requested and voluntarily. I felt 100% confident when I left dad in their competent and compassionate hands when I could not be there with him. I would highly recommend the caregivers through Friends of the Family, after my great experiences with them.

Elderly Companion Care Client

Margaret Ball

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