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Elderly Companion Care

Elder Companion Care has been shown to improve the “quality of life for many seniors.“ Studies have shown that having regular social interactions, including simple conversation, can prolong life and improve memory and cognitive function in older individuals.

A walk in the sunshine, dinner out, meeting new friends at the senior center or just chatting in the living room can mean the world to a lonely senior.

The listening ear of a friendly caregiver goes a long way.

Too cold to go out? Stay home and do a puzzle or read together, schedule your next doctor appointment, write a letter to a family member or friend in another state.

We can watch TV with them and even monitor TV usage.

Elder Companion Care being provided by a caregiver.

“If you must have in-home health care for an elderly or ailing loved one, Friends of the Family is the company to call. From April through June of 2014, and again in December through February of 2015, Friends of the family was working 24/7 with my dad. Their Caring attitude was impressive. There were willing to do anything to help with dad’s care. It seemed they didn’t want to be idle, but wanted to help keep busy and to keep up with the necessary tasks. They did many things requested and voluntarily. I felt 100% confident when I left dad in their competent and compassionate hands when I could not be there with him. I would highly recommend the caregivers through Friends of the Family, after my great experiences with them.”

Margaret Ball


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