Monroe, Mi, is a Historical Residential Area

Monroe is a community located in Monroe County, about 17 miles north of Toledo. The area shares a vision of balancing economic development and historic preservation. Monroe’s long and rich history dates back to the 1800s when the first French settlers moved in. It is the site of the Battle of Frenchtown during the War of 1812 and the birthplace of General George Armstrong Custer. The oldest standing structure in Monroe is the Monroe County Courthouse, built in 1837. The courthouse is home to a number of historical artifacts and is open to the public for tours. Information can be found here.

Recreation Activities

If you are looking for a small-town feel with all the amenities of a larger city, you can’t go wrong with Monroe. This community is home to a number of water parks, trails, and recreation areas, as well as a thriving downtown area with a variety of shops, restaurants, and businesses. You can also explore the winding River Raisin Heritage Trail of Sterling State. See here for information about Whiteford Township is a Safe Residential Area.

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Affordable Housing

Monroe has a variety of affordable housing options to choose from, including apartments, single-family homes, and condos. It is also a great place to raise a family, with a number of excellent schools in the area. Various businesses and industries provide residents with plenty of employment opportunities without having to travel far.