Personal Care

(Shower, Dressing and Grooming Guidance, Toileting and Incontinence)

Personal care is attention required in connection with bodily functions. Bodily functions can include dressing, washing, bathing or shaving and toileting.

We understand that this can be a personal line to cross for someone in the family and that’s why we are here to help. Allowing you to remain the spouse, daughter or son rather than the caretaker and honoring your loved one with that dignity.

Making sure they always feel fresh is our goal.

We provide help with incontinence, preventing illness and UTI’s.

“Everything about Friends of the Family’s services was great, I haven’t doubted their responsiveness for a minute. I would recommend the agency by all means, since we have been really pleased with the services they provided. I would use them again if the need arose for at home caregivers again.”

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