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Although we are a private duty, non-skilled agency, we do have nurses on staff offering medication setups and reminders, blood pressure checks, and sugar monitoring, along with higher acuity skills, colostomy bags, tube feeding, and minor wound care.

In conjunction with our health care partners, we also offer skilled nursing services, speech-language pathology, medical social services, wound care, at-home laboratory services, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

Save money and only pay for the level of nursing care at home that your senior loved one needs. Schedule an in-home nursing care consultation with Friends of the Family Home Health Care, today!

Non-skilled Nursing Care in a patient's home.

I am a current client of this provider I was impressed by my very first contact with the company’s patient advocate.

She explained they have a social worker that partners with patient advocates during the first meeting, or intake at the patient’s home, and they did.

The social worker helps match the personality of the patient with the aide. They are the only agency I’ve worked with that also uses a telephony system–the aides must arrive within 5 minutes of the shift, and call into this system with their code on the patient’s phone.

If they don’t, the system sends an alarm to the agency and they jump into action to find someone to cover. Aides only get 3 times to be late before being let go. They also must call when leaving, again on the patient’s phone.

This stops the aides from “cheating” on their worksheets for billing. When calling for checkout, they also have to enter codes for tasks done that day, as well as write notes in a binder (much like nurses’ notes) about the same.

My experience at other agencies is aides who repeatedly arrive late, and leave early sometimes billing for days aides never even showed up, but the agency is unaware. It’s fraud. I’m very happy with Friends of the Family!”

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