Areas Near Temperance, MI Are Chock-Full of Parks

Visiting the park allows you to spend time with family and friends. In addition, you can be close to nature, which is vital if you live in an urban setting.

Some of the parks you can visit in Temperance include.

Maplewood Park

You can take a 5-mile scenic dive through the park or hike up the hill for impressive overlooks that should not be missed. In addition, you can experience the shady hollows and wooded knolls at the park. Moreover, you can enjoy a picnic lunch at the Memorial Picnic Shelter in Erie MI and then take a stroll at the beach at South Lida Lake. Other things you can do at Maplewood Park include camping, fishing, and riding on the horseback trails. See here for information about Temperance, MI, is a Festive Town.

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Harry Kessler Park

The Harry Kessler Park was dedicated to the people of East Toledo in honor of Harry W. Kessler, who was the Mayor of the city. This is a small park that you should consider visiting if you don’t love being in crowded places. The grounds in the park are smooth, and the landscaping is trimmed. The park is bisected by a beautiful large arch. 

The park has a viewpoint on the south side of the Ottawa River, where you can watch distant birds at this location. Friends of the Family Home Health Care is fortunate to have family-oriented parks close to our main office in Temperance, MI.