Postoperative Care At Home

Postoperative Care is a special program at Friends of the Family Home Health Care. We call it “Postoperative Pampering.” It was created so your family can remain worry-free following your surgery. Our staff will remain with you and cater to your every need as you recover.

Transportation to and from the hospital, shower assistance, bed baths, dressing and grooming, trips to the restroom, meal prep, follow-up appointments, regulating pain meds, colostomy bags, we’ve got you covered.

Are you a new mom? Bring your bundle of joy home and focus on what really matters while we take care of the rest.

“At first, I wondered why I should hire Friends of the Family, but they did so much for me that I will never have any kind of surgery ever again without their post-op services. Not only was I very comfortable, but they fed my cats and made sure they had their medicine. Friends of the Family went above and beyond. Post-Operative Pampering is a must-have for anyone and everyone!”

T. Malone

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