Temperance, MI, is a Festive Town Near Toledo, OH

Attending festivals with your family and friends is a great way to spend time in the outdoors. Information can be found here.

 If you’re interested in attending fall events in Temperance, you should consider going to the following. 

Tecumseh’s Annual Ice Sculpture Festival

During the Ice Sculpture extravaganza, there will be more than 40 ice sculptures adorning the sidewalks of Downtown Tecumseh. There is also a dueling carvers’ competition you can participate in. The carvers take suggestions from the crowd on what to carve, and then the audience picks their favorite. You can also try out a scavenger hunt through the participating merchants with a chance to win prizes. See here for information about The Temperance, MI, is a Museum Trove.

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You can spend the day looking at all the sculptures, shopping in unique shops, and enjoying lunch or dinner at the local restaurants. 

Ann Arbor Folk Festival

This local event is the greatest annual fundraiser for the Ark, Ann Arbor’s non-profit home for roots and ethnic music. It brings two nights of music in two venues. The Ark fundraiser delivers the full spectrum of Ark music, presenting an idea of what’s happening on the leading edge of acoustic music. The local Michigan event also digs deeper into folk and roots traditions. 

Therefore, if you enjoy this form of music, you should definitely attend the Ann Arbor, MI Folk Festival.