A Companion: Companions talking
A comrade. A confidant. Someone to depend on. Someone you can trust. Someone to rely on. Someone who’s got your back. A buddy. A chum. Someone who loves you, who will never leave you in your time of need.

fact is, we all need someone. Which is why Friends of the Family Home Health Care takes
Elderly Companion Care very seriously.

What Is Elderly Companion Care?

When you are talking about Companion Care vs Personal Care in the world of Family Home Health Care, this is usually a less intensive, non-medical type service. This often includes activities like driving to Doctor appointments or any errand for that matter, light household cleaning, preparing meals, going grocery shopping, washing dishes or clothes, taking care of a pet and watering plants.

Elderly Companionship

One of the most underrated services we provide is simple elderly companionship, whether that is playing cards, going on walks or simply a warm smile, it can make all the difference. Companion Care can be a great tool to alleviate some loneliness.
As we grow older, our friends can begin to pass away or even a spouse. Your children are no longer in the home and sometimes do not live near you. Taking a couple hours off work to run a parent to a doctor’s appointment can sometimes be crucial to their job. You say you don’t want to be a burden, but the fact is, you need someone…and not just to help with daily chores and activities. You realize how much you miss just having another body near. Just having someone to talk to, someone to enjoy a meal with, someone to laugh with or watch TV with, all of these things can mean a world of difference to those who live alone.

Family Home Health Care Services

Many seniors will seek solace in a pet, which is why Friends of the Family also offers pet care. Having a furry friend to talk to and pet can be good therapy. 
Barara Ballinger of Agingcare.com states, “For elderly pet owners, who often live alone or in group facilities, pets can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction and physical activity and help them learn.”
Many times the anticipation of a scheduled day with a caregiver can provide a comfort to a senior in need of companionship. It gives something for them to look forward to and plan for. 
“The caregiver is wonderful. She and my mother absolutely love each other. The caregiver basically looks at my Mom like she was her own mother while my mom loves her like a daughter and it’s really nice. I cannot say anything bad about this company. The caregiver and my mom get along great and it’s wonderful that they have bonded very well.”- Robert17 
Friends of the Family Home Health Care wants to be a blessing in the lives of the elderly and their families, by helping them stay in their own homes longer, with safety and a better quality of life. But above all else, Friends of the Family would like to be just that! A friend of the family.                                                                               
Sheri LaFontaine /Community Relations/Marketing Manager